Westport Driving Tour

Incorporated in 1835. Colonized in the 1630s. Inhabited for centuries. Westport has a long past, yet many know little about the history that’s all around them. Join the Westport Museum on a journey to tour the most well-known locations, and some mysterious spots, in our beloved town. 

Below you will find an interactive map to take this driving tour in the comfort of your home!

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Prior to 1630 the land known today as Westport was used by the Paugusset People’s as seasonal living and hunting sites. After European colonizers landed, local tribes including the Pequots, waged war to continue their way of life but were largely erased from history after their defeat at the Great Swamp Fight in 1637 and the subsequent enslavement of those not killed. Later, Greens Farms first school (1703) and meeting house (1711) stood on the common at Green’s Farms Road and Morningside Drive, commemorated today by the Machamux boulder.