Bombings & Typhus

By May of 1940 war came to Berlin as Britain’s Royal Air Force, RAF, began to bomb the city in retaliation for the Blitzkreig offensive and bombing of Britain. Though the Nazi high command had promised the German citizen’s Berlin would never be bombed, the first air raid fell on August 25th. Schultz was forced to leave Berlin in 1941 after being injured while broadcasting live during one of the bombings. 

Schultz traveled to Spain to recover from her injuries, where she contracted typhus. Ultimately, she returned home to America on a Portuguese ship in March 1941. Although she attempted to return to Germany to continue her work, she was denied press credentials for re-entry from Nazi officials. 

When Schultz returned to Westport she began work on her book Germany Will Try It Again, published in 1944 by Reynal & Hitchcock. While still in the US Schultz also began touring the Eastern coast to discuss her experiences in Germany during the ongoing World War. Writing for McCall’s Magazine provided another outlet during Schultz recovery.