Focus On Chris Buckley: There’s A Light at the End of Every Tunnel

Together for 30 years, Chris Buckley, and his husband Mark Ciano moved to Westport in 2013 from Forest Hills, Queens when their children were toddlers and the couple felt the family needed more room. They became familiar with this area after marrying at Fairfield’s Penfield Beach in 2010 and Connecticut was among the few states with legalized gay marriage. The Ciano-Buckleys were photographed on March 27– their twin’s 9th birthday. 

“I normally work from home as does my husband. I work with a technology company that manufactures wireless connectivity solutions. People who know what a MiFi is or perhaps have heard of 5G may have heard of my company. We have seen tremendous demand for our products with the work-from-home initiatives now.  

We’re managing school lessons with the kids –but please don’t judge our educator skills. Much respect to the teachers! Most of our food is brought in online with an occasional trip to Stop and Shop. We’re happy to help anyone that needs us to pick up something from our supermarket trips.  

We’re getting out to the yard to exercise and allowing the kids a little more screen time than usual. When they’re off the screens they are doing art projects, playing basketball, running laps around the house and now competing on their new foosball table. 

I’m impressed with how the town managers are communicating to the community. I think we are all adjusting and fortunate that there are tools like Facebook, FaceTime and Houseparty to keep all of us socially engaged.  

Our greatest hope would be that “the giving by others to others attitude” we are seeing continues well past the crisis. My greatest fear is that this isolation continues for months or more. Working in startups and (I’m on my 5th) there’s always unexpected twists and turns to which I need to adapt—this has prepared me a bit for this situation. Plus, my parents are pretty chill and always showed us that you could get through any tough situation. There is a light at the end of every tunnel. 

Our greatest hope would be that “the giving by others to others attitude” we are seeing continues well past the crisis.

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